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Spreading a little TATE in your direction

All for a woman.


"You’d give anything for her to say them once more, the words you believed at the start.
Ten thousand miles from where it began. Falling asleep with her picture in hand.
It was all for the look in her eyes. For the promise, and the lies, of a woman.”


All these quite afternoons,
She said, “I wonder if I’ve given up my love too soon”
As her hair fell from her curls
I said you’re pretty uptight for a Mexican Girl
She said, all your songs are sad songs
Why do you always have to make me feel like shit?
I said all these songs are love songs


Sketchbooks are too much pressure ✒️


The Airborne Toxic Event at Summerfest (Milwaukee, WI)
July 2nd, 2014

Photos c/o: ReasonedDissent and THINKlocal


I don’t think this song is ever not going to be stuck in my head. This entire new album is gorgeous and UGH I can’t wait to see Mikel in September <3 I will probably just stare at him in awe for the duration of the concert.

"And you’re standing beside her, the light from inside her, filling up the darkness in your head."
--“All for a Woman”, The Airborne Toxic Event (via andthepeoplelooktothesea)


We Recommend: White Noise by Don DeLillo (ebook available)

"A suburban family suddenly find themselves living at the perimeter of ‘an airborne toxic event.’ A funny, meditative novel where media (T.V. commercials, product packaging) acts as a nebulous, all-pervasive character of its own. Wonderful portrayal of the often absurd and banal anxieties of modern life. Dreamy and hypnotic, passages frequently read like prose poems — even if they are about detergent."



Why don’t we talk the Airborne Toxic Event more?

Bride & Groom
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The Airborne Toxic Event, Missy


The Way Home by Airborne Toxic Event.

cannot stress enough how amazing, beautiful and striking this song is. This song does a wonderful job of expressing how I feel so often during this journey and, gah, just listen to it!

I can hear the birds, see the light outside, stand up
like a man and swallow my pride,

I can write these words down in a rhyme.

They´ve been beaten from me by the hands of time.

And I don´t know why it´s always this way, and I hang
my head low in the light of day,

All I know is I´m tired of being afraid, I got to walk
this road on these bricks I´ve laid.

Ah, the trumpets and the marching bands, and the
thunder claps at the trembling hands,

All the people stood up in the stands, and I just felt
so alone,

´Cause the halos looked like rusted chains in the light

As we screamed in the dark, I just wanted to find a way
home, home, home, home.


The Airborne Toxic Event, “Hell and Back”

(Source: heavenisalongroadhome)

The graveyard near the house
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The only way to listen to this song, is really loud.